Community Paramedics provide high quality and professional medical cover for events of all kind.


From sporting events to music festivals, our experience and flexibility means that you will always get the cover you need, no matter what the circumstance.
A medical team will typically be led by a Graduate Paramedic supported by a mix of Paramedic and Medical Students. So every patient will be seen by a well educated and experienced staff member. You will have peace of mind that any medical or traumatic injury will be dealt with professionally and will give your clients the best chance of survival.
Additionally, by using us, you will reduce the impact on local NHS resources. Our clinicians can discharge patients with pain relief and safety netting, or refer to a Minor Injury Unit if an X-Ray is needed. This also results in a better patient experience, avoiding unnecessary A & E waits.
By Choosing Community Paramedics, you are also supporting Bristol Paramedic and Medical Students through university, as they are receiving paid and relevant work experience, which will ensure they develop into stronger medical professionals.
Types of events, we cover:
Sports Events.

We are very experienced in pitch and ringside first aid and paramedic cover. Whether on a rugby pitch, boxing event, or similar, we get to your client within seconds. The latest trauma treatment techniques and equipment are used to bring emergency department treatment to the patient,with the exception being X-Ray. We will use advanced techniques and tools to assess whether your patient needs an x-ray, avoiding long unnecessary waits in hospital. Most of these sporting events pose a risk of head injury, so we ensure all staff are aware of head injury guidelines specific to each sport, together with an in-depth knowledge of advanced head injury assessment, such as the Cranial nerve assessment. We currently provide Paramedic Services for Clifton College, University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, as well as regularly covering boxing and american football.
Motorsport Events.

We provide Paramedics for rally stages and motorcross tracks, and have a range of 4X4 ambulances which can use to reach the patient quickly. Again, most of our patients we treat on scene, but our advanced level of education and our experience means we can identify time critical patients and get early access to air support for transfer to a major trauma centre. We have the skills and equipment to correctly assess and package the patient in order to allow the speedy conveyance of the patient within the golden hour. We have several recent testimonials where this speed has been essential to preserve life.
Music festivals,

Our education and facilities allow us to treat and discharge typical minor injuries, together with testing, monitoring and holding on to the more serious over dose patients. This ensures your Festival has minimal impact on local NHS resources. And further, this also results in a better client experience, as we only send patients off site for x-ray if absolutely necessary. We will ensure you have the correct medical provision from the start of the build up to the very end. Using the Purple Event Guide, we can also scale up or down event medical cover depending on ticket sales, this will have the benefit of reducing costs further for you ensuring your festival has longevity.
If you have any questions about the type of events we cover, or if you would like to enquire about covering your event, then contact us here.

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