During sporting events, injury can unfortunately be commonplace. It is important to deal with any injuries as quickly as possible to reduce stress and discomfort, but also to ensure that no long term damage is done. This is crucial to the sporting careers of your clients. As such, this course is specifically designed for sports coaches or PE teachers. The emphasis in this course is on signs and tests for bone injuries and referral pathways. Our extensive operational experience that our teachers have in this field is utilised and passed on to our students. The course will include AED and epipen training as standard. Typical taught modules include:

  1. The recognition of the unwell or injured patient.
  2. Access to emergency and urgent care,
  3. Medical emergencies.
  4. Traumatic emergencies, including bleeding and head injuries.
  5. Unconscious Patient, positioning and examination.
  6. Basic Life Support (adult).
  7. Basic Life Support (child).
  8. Automatic External Defibrillators (no extra cost).
  9. Anaphylaxis and epipen, if required (no extra cost).
  10. Additional specific medical or traumatic lectures available on request.
  11. Incident reporting and handover to Paramedics.

If you wish to learn a skill that is not listed in the session, then please contact us and we will look to tailor it into your course.

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First Aid Training