The intense and exciting nature of motorsport events make them exhilarating spectacles.

However when things go wrong, it’s very important that incidents are dealt with quickly. This is exactly what our professional team are able to do, utilising their advanced level of education to rapidly assess and initiate treatment of trauma patients. Community Paramedics can be seen at all types of motorsport, including rally stages and motocross. Where appropriate, the paramedics we send on motorsport events are also registered with the Motorsports Association (MSA), and can be deployed with one of our fully equipped 4X4 Response Units, so as to reach the patient quickly.

Our team can identify time critical patients early, enabling them to devise an appropriate care plan which may include requesting support of the nearest available Air Ambulance. Authorised paramedics are also able to provide advanced life support and full resuscitative measures, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to prepare the patient for rapid transport to a major trauma centre. We have several recent testimonials where this speed has been essential to preserving life and helping patients to make a good recovery.

So whatever motorsport you are involved with, be sure to consider Community Paramedics for your medical cover, and if you wish to make an enquiry, then contact us here.

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