For those who work or spend lots of leisure time outside, typical first aid training may not be adequate. The distinct challenges of remote first aid are addressed with this outdoor first aid course and subsequent practical sessions. Extraction and pain relief solutions are discussed and practised, as well as standard first aid practice. The is to provide students with the understanding and skills needed to provide safe care in the outdoor environment.

 The following are included in relation to outdoor first aid:

  1. The recognition of the unwell child.
  2. Access to emergency and urgent care.
  3. Medical emergencies for children, including asthma and meningitis.
  4. Traumatic emergencies, including bleeding and head injuries.
  5. Unconscious patient, positioning and examination.
  6. Basic Life Support (adult).
  7. Basic Life Support (child).
  8. Automatic External Defibrillators (no extra cost).
  9. Anaphylaxis and epipen, if required (no extra cost).
  10. Additional child medical conditions.
  11. Medication and parental consent.
  12. Incident reporting and handover to Paramedics.

This course can also provide continual professional development for healthcare professionals or first aid instructors, and can be performed at either our or your home office. Bespoke lectures or training days can be laid on and can cover:

  1. Patient assessment and clinical reasoning for health care professionals.
  2. The assessment of traumatic injuries, knee, shoulder, ankle, chest, heart, abdomen.
  3. The assessment of the medical, patient, chest, heart, abdomen.
  4. Updates and CPD for first aid instructors.

If you wish to learn a skill that is not listed in the session, then please contact us about this and we will look to tailor it into your course.

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First Aid Training