Community Paramedics in Bristol

Community Paramedics offer degree trained staff at 3 levels

Paramedic Practioner

He or she will have completed the FDc in Paramedic Science and have several years operational experience. They have then attended University to study the Practitioner Degree normally a BSc or MSc Emergency Practitioner, allowing them to practice at a higher level using advanced patient assessment techniques and treatments; this reduces the amount of patents sent to hospital for treatment.


The FDc in Paramedic Science is a mixture of 1500hrs of lectures and assessments together with a minimum of 1500hrs of 'on the road' experience.

Their degree includes the Patient Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Module at BSc level.

Advance Assessments include 12 Lead ECG, Rapid Trauma Assessment, Muscular Skeletal and Minor Injury assessments for Adult and Paediatric Patients.

Paramedic Students

Undergraduate Staff are used to assist Paramedics and will carry out assessments and treatment under supervision. They can also carry out First Aid Duties independently at low risk events.

Paramedic Students are very talented and highly trained; their course includes 10 university modules together with 1500 hrs supervised paramedic practice.